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Women's Bible Study

Fridays in the TAC Cafe

We will start a study on prayer beginning Friday Oct 7th from 9-11am

This study will be WAR ROOM by Pricilla Shirer. It will be a 7 week study. Click Here for a description from the site.


  • Video clips from the War Room movie (4 minutes or less per session)
  • Leader material (guides to questions and discussion with small group)
  • 5 group sessions, 3 days of homework to complete between group sessions


  • Discover the power of prayer within the context of a small group
  • Expand participants’ understanding of spiritual warfare
  • Develop strategies to battle the real Enemy through prayer
  • Dig deeper into the spiritual discipline aspects of prayer
  • Create opportunity for study among both inexperienced Bible study students and those well-versed in Scripture

If you have any questions about ordering the book please contact Laura Brown via text 530-356-7096 or email at [email protected]