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Values & Beliefs

Belief - All humanity was created to enjoy an intimate love relationship with Jesus and with each other. 

Value - We prioritize our relational connection with God, to His family and to those yet to be reconciled to Him.


Belief - The moment we bow our knee to Jesus as Lord we receive all of Him, and He is perfectly and fully with us for all eternity.

Value - Our Christian journey is not about getting ‘closer’ to God or getting ‘more’ of Him. Instead, it is about striving to enjoy more fully what we already have.


Belief - God has uniquely made each person, has a unique relationship with them, and a unique discipleship path for them to follow.

Value - We strive to help people discover the path that God is personally calling them into.


Belief - God is communicating with each of His children.

Value - We encourage each person to listen, hear and respond to His voice.


Belief - Our relationship with Jesus demands a relationship with His family.

Value - We foster an honest and humble family atmosphere where people can minister to others at the same time they are being supported by others.


Belief - Our relationship with Jesus draws us into joining Him in reaching out to those who don’t yet know Him.

Value - We highlight local and global ministries where we can engage in authentic and caring relationship with unbelievers.