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Honoring Jesus by joining generations in service to each other

Who you gonna call?

T3 is made up of an amazing group of teenagers in our TAC family who are able and willing to use their many talents to serve the Lord by serving others in our community. If you would like to hire a teen to perform various tasks or work around your home, please fill out the form below, click submit at the bottom of the page, and someone will get in touch with you! This ministry serves many purposes, one of which is to help support our youth financially. Donations offered for the work performed are deposited in the T3 fund and utilized for trips and other youth events. However, if you are unable to contribute financially but are in need of some extra help, please don't let that dissuade you from filling out this form. Regardless of ability to pay, our teens are here to love and serve you while building relationships.

The goal of this ministry is to bring the generations together through the sharing of work and wisdom.

Click on the tasks below to indicate the job or jobs that you need a teen's help with. If you don't see a particular job listed, please check the box marked "other" and indicate in the first blank box below what work it is that you need help with. We look forward to serving you!